I’m 25 years old, and going by Superstar Rajinikanth’s famous song, I divide my life into phases of 8 years. In the first two phases I grew up like any other average Indian kid. It was mostly up to my parents to bring me up and I think I can be quite happy about how it turned out. That said, it is the third phase (16-24) that defines me personally and professionally.

  • Undergraduate Degree

I graduated from the National Institute of Technology - Trichy with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2014. But it was more about the unofficial degrees that I graduated with – in friendship, responsibility, appreciation, tolerance, sacrifice, cooperation and many other key life values. The college and hostel life have taught me so much and I'll forever be grateful to NIT.

  • First Job

I joined Severn Glocon - A heavy-duty valves manufacturing company, as a Design engineer. First job is always special and mine was no different. I needed a change after thirteen months at the company and I'd attribute this to my manager's lectures on his entrepreneurial journey. I wanted to follow in his footsteps, but left with many ignorant assumptions - not knowing the realities of the outside world.

  • Crofters

This has been the best and most challenging phase of my life so far. I like to put myself under pressure and that was the plan when I quit SG with absolutely no path in mind. I spent the next few months helping my friend with his startup to get a taste of running a company and then started my own with two of my friends from college. What happened next is pretty long so I’ll be writing a separate blog post covering all the ups and downs in the two year journey.


In the months of soul-searching before deciding to suspend Crofters, I taught myself programming. With no prior experience in coding, I started with online courses and tons of YouTube videos. I now work at Report Bee – a data analytics company for the education industry. I see basics in programming - a must-have skill for anyone in this fast developing world and couldn’t be more pleased to become a part of the community. I will update this blog regularly with fun projects, apps that I build with the things I learn.


Now in the phase of upgrading my skillset, I plan to return to entrepreneurship soon. Hopefully by then, I’ll be more wise, more equipped and of course, with a little bit of luck, more successful next time around. This online journal can also be a portal to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Welcome!